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So you think you can write a professional letter?

The art of letter writing is not forgotten, at least not by Nicolas Di Tempora over at Copywriting in Action.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the emails you receive at work were written like this?  Clear, to the point, effective.

Give the people you communicate with a break – see below to learn how to write compelling, concise, objective letters and emails.

And go see Nicolas’ website if you’d like more information and courses on writing effectively.


Who are Generation Z?

From the good people at Sparks & Honey (@sparksandhoney), comes this look at Generation Z (born 1995 to now).  Whether you’re trying to market to them or not, knowing a little about what makes them tick can’t be a bad thing.


Marketing you: personal branding is about trust

MARKETING, first and foremost, is the art of getting attention.

So when you’re marketing your personal brand, the first question to ask is, what do I want to draw attention to?

Once you have people’s attention, you move to persuasion.  What action do you want people to take?

Whatever you draw attention to better be true.

Whatever action you persuade people to take better be of real value to them.

That’s how you grow a trusted brand.

You are your Brand

What will you be known for?