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Off topic – apology.

To the regular readers of the Method Leadership blog (both of you), sorry posting has been light.

I’ve good news and bad.

The bad is that I have several commitments at present that are preventing me from writing, blogging, even tweeting, anywhere near as much as I’d like.  Well, at all, really.

The good news is that I’m missing all of the above and have big plans to get back to the keyboard in earnest as soon as things like home-building, moving, getting more education, and earning a crust the hard way are taking up less time.

More soon,


Note to Readers – I need your help.

I’VE just completed the draft manuscript for the first two chapters of my first book.  Now I’m looking for feedback.

The piece, whose working title is “It’s All About You” tackles a fairly broad subject… the meaning of life.  It’ll be self-published as eBook and print-on-demand, and will be available free of charge as a PDF.

If you are interested to review the work thus far (about 3,500 words), I’d love your help.

Reply below with your preferred contact or send me a PM to @MethodLead.

I’ll supply you with a link to download a copy of the draft and another for a feedback form.

I expect you’ll need an hour or so all up.

In appreciation, you’ll receive a credit as Draft Editor, of course a link back from my blog to yours, a free copy of the eBook when it’s ready, and, for what it is worth to you, my heartfelt gratitude.

About the Method Leadership Masthead

THOSE of you who’ve been following this blog from its inception 6 weeks ago, (I think there’s two of you…), will have noticed how often the logo and the site have changed.  It’s been evolving towards something I’m getting happier with, (always the plan), though not quite there yet.

Perhaps I shouldn’t need to, but I’d like to explain the brand design as it stands thus far.

“Method”, is because I believe that there’s a specific way to enhance leadership skills.  Leadership is not some ethereal art that you’re born of “gifted” with.  Mostly it comes with experience, but you can target your experience by learning what you need to know, and where you need to develop.  Hence, you need a method.

“Leadership” is in parenthesis because the method applies to more than just becoming a better leader.  The things you need to be good at in leadership are (not coincidentally) the same attributes that lead to a happy and successful life.

“Lead Yourself.”  Because the only way you’ll ever lead anyone else is if you lead yourself first.  And, importantly, no one should be just a follower.

“Inspire Others.”  Because the focus should not be on leading, on having “followers”, it should be on inspiring those around you to engage with their life, their values, their goals.

The four essential attributes of good leadership are Independence, People Skills, Expertise, and Passion (see here).  I’ve distilled these concepts down to their essence, as:


If you really Think for yourself, remaining focused on reality, not other people’s opinions, you are independent; in charge of your own destiny and ready for anything.

People Skills encompass knowing what makes people tick; being able to relate to and deal with all types of people, whether individually or in teams.  In short, good people skills mean you know how to communicate in all situations, which in turn means, you can successfully Engage with others.

Value.  To be passionate means highly valuing the material and spiritual goals you set yourself to achieve.  It means having the will to start and the determination to persist.  To be passionate means to highly value your values.

So, that’s it.  What do you think?


5 Great Resources for Start-up Bloggers

In the course of coming to grips with building this blog, I’ve come across these great resources.  If you’re just starting out, you may find them useful.

Michael Hyatt’s Toolbox

This list from experienced and highly successful blogger, Michael Hyatt, is very helpful, if not a little daunting.  More here than you’ll probably need.


These blog writing guru’s have great advice for post headlines, and much else besides.

Everything from marketing to monetizing.  Super helpful.

30 Days to Social Media Success

Gail Z. Martin offers an easy to follow and enact plan for leveraging social media.  Success in 30 days…?  Not sure, but you’ll learn a lot and make a little progress every day.


Too much to do?  Need help?  Get it at Elance.

Poke The Box – Seth Godin

I’M no stranger to the inevitable doubts that pop up when you start a new venture.  I’m also no stranger to procrastination; I’m not the world’s worst, but I’ve spent enough time doing things that didn’t matter to avoid doing things that did, to know that there’s a certain spark that you need to find within yourself if you’re going to initiate… anything.

When the blues hit, I usually go running, or swimming, or something – just move and move hard.  Or, I take a dose of Seth Godin.  “Poke The Box”, works a treat.  As Daniel Pink explains:

“Indeed, the message of this book is so profoundly simple and so simply profound, I can encapsulate it in a single word.  Go.”

“Poke The Box” may be a light read – you’ll finish it in one sitting – but the ideas have weight.  It’s a manifesto about starting, about taking the initiative, about living intentionally.  And for all that it’s grounded in reality, not ignoring the difficulties and risks that face all who dare to break new ground.  Starting things; making things better… that’s what the independent thinker does, and it’s the foundation of good leadership.  This is a great motivational read, with some good practical advice thrown in.  And as usual with Godin, it’s eminently readable.

At $5.59 for the ebook, why wait?  Go.