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Delivering Happiness

When I get time to read again, one of the first books on my list is “Delivering Happiness”, by Zappos founder, Tony Hsieh.  Also on that list will be several of the books in the presentation below.

Maybe there’s a few here for you too.  I’ve only read some of these, so can’t vouch for them all, but anyone who is as obsessed with team and customer happiness as Tony seems to be, must be at least a better-than-average judge of on-topic reading material.


What is Organizational Culture and how do you change it?

A definition of Organizational Culture distilled from several dictionaries would run something like this:

The sum of the ideas, knowledge, beliefs, values and behaviors characteristic of and displayed by the members of a particular organization or group.

Of the five drivers of culture mentioned above, “values” is the foundation, and “behavior” the visible manifestation.

Any initiative to change organizational culture must first identify what values are paramount in the organization.  What do members of the group care about?

Second, the change agent needs to identify what values they’d like to inculcate and what resultant behaviors these values should engender.  What should members of the group care about?

Only then can you think about what needs to be done to inculcate change; that is, develop strategy and tactics to change what the organization (read, it’s members) values.  Note that there is no “organization” per se; it can hold no ideas or values, nor can it “behave”.  What exists are the members of the organization, and it is they who will need to change or be changed. Continue reading