What is Method Leadership?


Method Leadership™ is about, well, leadership, but it’s more than that.  Good leadership is not about having followers, it’s about creating your best self, and pursuing a vision that inspires others to join you.

The essential attributes for good leadership just happen to be the essential attributes for a successful and happy life.  That’s not a coincidence.

*   *   *   *   *

The essential attributes for success in leadership and in life are:


The trait of being reality-focused, habitually thinking for yourself, and creating value;

People Skills

The ability to manage your own behavior and deal justly with others;


The desire to always gain in experience, skills, and knowledge;


To strongly value and be committed to whatever you undertake.

These attributes are interrelated and they foster and strengthen each other.

*   *   *   *   *

Method Leadership provides a logical structure to help you understand what knowledge and skills you need to learn, practice, and master in order to succeed in leadership, and in life.

Whether you are in a titled leadership position or not makes no difference.

The only real difference between you and a CEO is scope and scale.

Method Leadership draws on the best of the vast catalog of leadership and life-skills knowledge, latest research, and breaks some new ground too.

Good leadership, by definition, means:

Choosing the right objective, the best way to reach it, and inspiring others to join you.

Whether you lead only yourself, or a nation, you need to be good at this if you want to succeed (be happy!) in life.


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